Deeksha’s Beautiful Bridal Shoot

People want every aspect of their weddings photographed so that they can keep those moments with them for many years to come. Deeksha and Pranav had something similar in mind. The couple wanted us to cover their Wedding, Mehendi, and Sagan. But it didn't end there, Deeksha also wanted a Bridal Shoot.

Bridal Shoots are a tradition that has traveled to India all the way from Europe. In these shoots, the bride schedules a photography session that mainly focuses on her. This shoot takes place before the actual wedding day. The bride is photographed in her wedding outfit. This is done to get the feeling that the bride is getting ready for the actual wedding. The bride’s Hair and Makeup are done by the same person who is hired to do the same on the wedding day. These photos are usually taken well before the wedding day so that the best photos can be selected and edited to be displayed on the wedding day. We shot Deeksha in the makeup suit with the help of some ring lights.
The shoot turned to be exactly as we planned. We were happy to see Deeksha happy with the photos.

We at SL Art Production wish Deeksha and Pranav may your years ahead be filled with everlasting joy.
And if you are a couple who is looking for a photographer for your wedding, don't forget to consider us.





Written By - sl art production on 25 Oct, 2019
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