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A traditional Indian wedding consists of Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding Ceremony , etc. To capture the moments of these events, a photographer is hired. This has been going on for years until the concept of pre wedding photography stepped in. Just like a regular wedding photographer, hiring one of the best pre wedding photographers in Delhi is becoming more and more mainstream.

Nowadays, couples are opting for pre wedding photographers at specific locations with pre-decided themes. There are a lot of perks of hiring the pre wedding photographers that can help in creating better memories for the future. Also, a lot of people use those pre wedding photoshoot pictures as a backdrop for their wedding. So, if you are also thinking of hiring a pre wedding photographer in Delhi then you’ve come to the right place.

What is pre wedding photography?

Pre Wedding photography is the type of photography that deals with capturing photos of a couple, two to 3 months prior to the actual wedding day. A pre wedding photographer helps the couple in getting comfortable in front of the camera, know the photographer and his style better, and what to expect of your album. Even though there are many couples out there who feel that it is a waste of money but that’s not true at all. Pre Wedding photographer in Delhi offers great a lot of benefits that the couple can reap throughout their life.

Also, a pre wedding photographer in Delhi gets to know about the couple before the actual wedding and what’s expected of him. Also, this is the time to get comfortable with each other and work together to capture the best photos possible.

Why to have a pre wedding photoshoot?

A pre wedding photoshoot gives a chance to the photographer as well as the couple to get comfortable with each other. Also, it helps the couple in getting used to in front of the camera. So given below are some reasons why you should go for pre wedding photographer in Delhi.

One of the best things about pre wedding photographers in Delhi is that it helps you in recognizing the style that suits you best. By hiring a pre wedding photographer in Delhi, you get to experiment a lot with so many different styles until you fall in love with the one that you think is perfect for you. This not only boosts confidence but also make up for some great photographs.

Photos clicked by a Pre wedding photographer in Delhi can be used as a backdrop for your wedding. Moreover, you’ll have more photos to add to your album.

A pre wedding photographer offers you a hassle-free photography experience. You can get your photographs clicked without any guests around. Since the wedding day can be really busy and a lot of guests come in, it can sometimes become awkward to stand and pose while being watched by so many relatives. A pre wedding photographer offers more like an escape.

Different ideas for pre wedding photoshoot -

Pre wedding photography is all about getting creative with the props, location and time of the day. Also, it gives the couple a chance to spend some time together and create some really amazing moments. So, in order to help you make your photoshoot day smooth, given below are some of the pre wedding photography ideas that you can keep in mind. These will give a direction, so you can decide where you want to go.

1. A hobby - This is the most basic yet beautiful way to get your pre wedding photography in Delhi done. In this, the couple generally does stuff that they enjoy together. Like they can do cooking or take the dog out for a walk or just enjoy the sunset. In such kind of pre wedding photography, a candid photographer can be really handy. A candid wedding photographer can help you in capturing those candid moments that you enjoy with your loved one in the best way possible.

2. The Traditional route - Another most popular route that you can take is the traditional route. The concept in itself brings in the feelings of royalty. Just choose the kind of traditional photoshoot you want and go deep into the roots to understand the tradition and heritage. Traditional pre wedding photography in Delhi is widely popular as a couple gets to wear beautiful traditional attire. Also, in order to execute such a thing, one also has to find the right destination for that. So, make sure that you find a suitable place for your photoshoots like a royal palace, old temple, or anything else that depicts cultural appropriation.

3. Pick a Theme - Picking a theme is another way of executing a pre wedding photoshoot. This is another way to get creative with your surrounding such you can choose a retro style them or 60s theme or something floral or western. This is why you need to do some research before heading out for a photoshoot and communicate clearly with the photographer about what you need and take his views on it.

4. Luxury - When it comes to having an elegant photoshoot with the help of pre wedding photographer, you can expect anything from fancy dress to a premium location. It’s all about extravagance and luxury. Just wear your best dress and head out to a location which iconic. The easiest way is to pick a spot that attracts a lot of tourists, for example, Taj Mahal. The stunning location and your beautiful attire will make up for the most amazing pre wedding photographs ever.

At the end of the day, it is your wedding. So, it becomes important to get pictures that you will truly enjoy for the rest of your lives. The best pre wedding photographers can help you achieve that goal by capturing those moments and make them immortal with the help of some stunning photographs. Because these photographs are the memories that will cherish for a lifetime. So, if you are looking for one of the best pre wedding photographers in Delhi then you can consider our service. We, at SL art production, provide the best pre wedding photography solutions in Delhi. We have a team of best pre wedding photographers and cinematographers in Delhi who is expert in its work. We have an amazing experience of many years in the photography industry. Our team of professional photographers aims towards capturing the best moments enjoyed by the couple so that every photo in your album is telling the story of your love.