Your Guide to a Bridal Portrait Photoshoot


We all are familiar with the concept of bridal portraits, but there are also many aspects to such shoots that we overlook. And this is the reason one might think Bridal Portraits as "Just another wedding photoshoot".

We here at SL Art Production are here to walk you through each and every viewpoint of a Bridal Portrait and also help you understand why these shoots are important.

So let's start with the basics...



What are Bridal Portraits?

For these, the bride wears her wedding gown and gets ready the same way she plans to do for the wedding. Despite that, these are nothing like the typical wedding shoots. The bride poses in a very fashionable and classy way. Which makes them look more like fashion shoots.


When are these shoots done?

These shoots are done about a month before the wedding. And this is due to the fact that if something happens to the bride's gown during this photoshoot, she'll have enough time to get it fixed before the wedding. Many people think that these shoots are done on the same day as the wedding, but that is not the case as there is not enough time on the wedding day for the photographer to pull something off like this.



Where to have this photoshoot?

This is another question that pops up in every bride's mind. To which we reply there is nothing such as a wrong bridal wedding portrait location.




Most of the time people choose to have these shoots in the studio with the perfect lighting conditions, other people prefer the flower fields with natural sunlight.



Are Bridal Portrait Shoots Important?


We here at SL Art Production would definitely suggest you have a bridal shoot as it is not just about some beautiful and stunning pictures of the bride but these shoots also serve some bigger purposes like:


  • Forms a report between you and the wedding photographer
  • It gives you a sneak peek of how the bride will look on her wedding day.
  • It helps you understand the photographer's style.
  • These photos can always be used to flaunt on social media.



We at SL Art production have done many such Bridal Portrait shoots. And if you are a bride who is looking for inspiration for your bridal shoot then we can certainly help you with that too. You can check out some of the bridal shoots that we have done at SL Art Production.



Written By - sl art production on 11 Feb, 2020
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