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Destination Wedding Photographers in Delhi | SL Art Production

If you are planning to hire one of the Best Destination Wedding Photographers in Delhi then there are some tips that you should keep in mind before taking any decision. These tips are more like guidelines that you can follow to make your special day even more memorable. Since the experience you have during the wedding lasts for a few days, it is important to capture those moments in the best way possible. That’s why there is a need to put some thought into while hiring the wedding photographer. We know how overwhelming it can be for you to choose the right photographer between all the other decisions you are taking for the wedding. In order to make the work a little bit easy for you, we have come up with these tips that you can follow in order to hire the best destination wedding photographers in Delhi.

1. Don’t Rush - The foremost thing to do while hiring “best wedding photographer in Delhi” is by not rushing into it. This is the mistake that most people make. We know how hectic wedding preps can be. One has to make arrangement for the guests coming in, the decoration, caterers, and what not. But it is crucial to take your time if you want to hire the best photographer possible, a photographer on whom you can rely upon. Go through portfolios, and online presence of the photographers as it gives a lot of insight about a photographer’s style. If you are looking for one of the most popular destination wedding photographers in Delhi then filter your search and look for those who specialize in destination weddings rather than choosing your local photographer. After shortlisting, interview them in person or over Skype. It is also important to let a photographer know beforehand what’s expected of him.

2. Early Planning - It is never a good idea to hire one of the best destination wedding photographers in Delhi, a week before the wedding. Try to hire one at least a month prior to the wedding. This gives enough time for communication and the photographer can get to know your expectations better. Also, it is good for budgeting. Since the booking of a wedding destination happens early, this can give you enough time to go through the destination wedding photographer packages and take the right decision.

Hiring the best destination wedding photographers in Delhi ensures the best results but sometimes it can also lead to increased expenses. Top photographers tend to charge more because of the quality they deliver. But if your wedding expenses are turning into something more than expected then we’d advise you to talk to the photographer about your budget. Early planning gives you have enough time to communicate with the photographer about your budget. So, if you are low on funds or want the photographer to settle at a more convenient price range, you can easily do that.

3. Rethink about hiring venue photographer - While looking for a destination wedding photographer in Delhi, you may come across a lot of local photographers provided by the resort or venue. While they might look like an easier choice, but going with them may not give you the results that you are expecting. The first problem that occurs is the coverage. Venue photographers are available for certain hours. Indian Weddings tend to go on for days. This can become a major issue as it will feel like you are having the wedding according to the photographer’s schedule. This limits the range of photos you get for example if you want photos under starry lights of your beautiful destination but the photographer has already packed up then you won’t be able to capture those memories. The other problem is that a lot of venues don’t let you bring your own photographers. Then you have to select the venue photographer whom you know nothing about. This can affect the quality of photos you get. Moreover, a venue photographer won’t be able to meet you after the wedding according to your convenience. But if you bring the destination wedding photographers in Delhi with you, this situation doesn’t occur.

4. Crisis Management - The difference between a regular wedding and a destination wedding is that on a destination wedding, you are out of your comfort zone. The possibilities of uncertainties are high and so are the possibilities of mishappenings. So, if you are hiring destination wedding photographers in Delhi, make sure that he is well equipped in case of crisis and good at management. The photographer should be able to adapt to the situations and improvise accordingly.
Also, the photographer should have enough members in the team to provide a full-scale coverage of the event. A competent crew can dilute the chances of things going wrong. Other than that, the photographer should be well-equipped. If the equipment such as lens, lighting, camera, memory cards, etc. get damaged, then there should be backup options available.

These are some guidelines that you can follow to ensure that you are hiring the best destination wedding photographers in Delhi. Whether it’s a small wedding or a big one, the things matter the most are the memories you make. The fun or exhaustion you feel during the wedding can only last for a few days but the memories of those, when captured, can be cherished for a lifetime. For the best destination wedding photography services, you can contact us. We, at SL Art Production, provide the best wedding photography services. You can trust us with the best destination wedding solutions so that you can enjoy each and every moment of your wedding.