Why You Should Definitely Go for Destination Wedding Photography?

It wasn’t long ago when the concept of destination wedding photography was introduced. Surprisingly, the concept became so popular in such a small span that every couple considers it at least once. Destination photo shoots have earned so much appeal that one can’t even comprehend. From Ibiza to Amsterdam, there are places on this planet that have become the go-to spots for destination wedding photography. For a lot of people, destinations wedding photoshoots are a dream come true when they step into the location and hold their lover in their arms. The experience is not just romantic but also healing in some ways. If you are still unaware then let us tell you what a destination wedding is. Destination weddings are regular weddings but at the location of your choice far away from the homeland. It could be within your country or abroad depending on your choice and budget. 

In order to get your wedding captured, a destination wedding photographer is required who can tell the story of your love through pictures. Whether you get married on a beach or on the top of a mountain, a destination wedding photographer is someone who accompanies you every step of the way. The best part about destination wedding photography is that if you hire the right photographer, he/she can tell you the best spots of a location where you can get mesmerizing pictures.


Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding Photography -

1. The better mood, the better the pictures

When you travel to a distant land or a place that you always wanted to go to, you instantly become stress-free. All your worry and problems just vanish and you become a totally different person than you were when you were sitting in your office. Just imagine having a wedding at a destination. The energy will recharge and uplift your mood. This will eventually affect your destination wedding photography. 

2. All your favorite people are there

The thing about a destination wedding is that not everybody can make it there with you. You will probably have limited guests so you will only choose the ones who are very close to you. So, a destination wedding can bring all your favorite people together to a location that you adore. 

3. Location’s appeal

Last but not least, a destination wedding is all about the location. Of course, it is about you but the serenity and peace a destination offers can enhance your overall experience Trust us, you will really enjoy a destination wedding. And when it comes to destination wedding photography, you can get some really amazing pictures if the destination is pretty. 


Popular Locations for Destination Wedding Photography


When it comes to destination wedding photography, there are some locations more common than others where couples opt to tie the knot. If you are also looking for locations like that then let us tell in the beginning that you may find these locations a little more common but that’s the whole point of it. There are many exotic locations and many off-beat locations but there are some destinations that are some constants when it comes to destination wedding photography. 

Given below are the 4 best locations for destination wedding photography. 

1. Delhi

It might sound a bit weird but Delhi is actually a popular destination wedding location. The place has so much more to offer than lip-smacking street food. There are a lot of monuments and places where a couple can tie the knot. There are so many forts where couples go and have a pre wedding photoshoot. Also, being the capital of India, Delhi has this appeal of its own that nothing can beat. 

2. Thailand

While talking about the popular destination wedding locations, one can never not talk about Thailand. Thailand sees so many destination weddings that you can’t even imagine. The place has so many things to offer from amazing food to exotic locations and a sense of serenity. 

3. Goa

Thinking of tying the knot at a beach? Well, there’s Goa for you. One of the most mainstream and most amazing places to have destination wedding photography in Goa. From churches to private beaches, you will find almost anything you want in Goa. 

4. Jaipur

Jaipur is by far one of the most common and beautiful places for having a destination photoshoot. If you want to reflect royalty into your destination wedding photography then there’s no other place better than Jaipur. The cultural heritage and the sense of royalty will leave you spellbound and give you some really magical pictures that you will cherish forever. 


If you re looking for a destination wedding photographer then you can contact SL Art Productions. We leave no stones unturned to write your dream wedding in a beautiful way through pictures. With a team of professional photographers, we can do your destination wedding photography the way it should be done. 


Written By - sl art production on 31 Jan, 2020
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