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With a population of more than 9 lakh people, Gurgaon is a city of Haryana, and also a major part of Delhi NCR. It is a technology and financial hub, and it's not just known for all of its corporate offices but also for attractions like The Kingdom of Dreams. With so many beautiful places like Vintage Camera Museum and Sultanpur National Park, Gurgaon automatically becomes a place where a lot of pre wedding shoots happen. And if you are a couple who is looking for a pre wedding shoot in Gurgaon then you are on the right track as Gurgaon has some of the best places to offer when it comes to Pre Wedding Photoshoots. Here are some suggestions for you if you decide to have your pre wedding shoot here in Gurgaon:

Heritage Village Resort - The place is so huge that it has everything that a couple might find interesting to include in their pre wedding shoot. The Place has a lot of greenery that automatically makes it a Pre Wedding Shoot worth location and that is not just it, The Resort also has a pool that is a perfect go-to when it comes to a fun and romantic pre wedding shoots. And make sure that you hire the Best Photographer in Gurgaon so that your pre wedding is always with you for all the years to come.

Alila Resort - This is a luxurious resort that has the perfect vibe for a pre wedding shoot. The resort is situated among the vast premise of the Aravali Range. The Resort is surrounded by hills that make it a beautiful view.

Tikli Bottom - It is a retreat location that is set amidst a large green field. This place is perfect if you want a vibrant day time pre wedding photoshoot.

Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort - This place is an hour and a half from Gurgaon. The place has a huge golf course and amazing landscapes that make it a wonderful place not just for still photography but also for pre wedding cinematography.

And as now you have got an idea about some of the best locations in Gurgaon for your pre wedding, let's discuss some of the ways through which you can make your Pre Wedding stand out. Gurgaon alone sees about hundreds of pre wedding shoots on a daily basis, so if you are going to follow a trend that is this popular yu might well as do it right. So to make you pre wedding unique and different you should go through some of the pointers given below. Hence these are some of the ideas that you can use for your pre wedding shoot in Gurgaon:

Smoke Bombs - This is, like most of them, a foreign trend. You must have seen those colored clouds around people in their Instagram photos. Professional photographers and models use this technique all the time. People love these smoke bombs and this is the reason this trend has really taken off. Not a lot, but still people have started using these bombs in pre wedding photoshoots. The Best Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon might help you with it as they are very innovative and they have a way of making everything look fabulous. So if you want people to remember your pre wedding shoot then go with these smoke bombs.

Custom Pluck Cards -Pluck Cards are a trend for some time now but if you want to take your pre wedding up a notch, you can go for custom pluck cards. You can make these cards say your name or your personal quotes. You can also do "save the dates" photos with these cards as it is a much innovative way to make people take out time for your wedding and also because sending people a "save the date" card is really out of fashion. And not just pluck cards you can also do umbrellas and whatever item you feel like.

Include your common likings - Most couples see pre wedding photography as a way through which they can tell their story to the people who see their pre wedding photos. And these stories involve how the couple met, and how did they fall in love. And if you hire the best Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon he/she will be able to make things easy for you as these photographers are used to such requests and they know ways to make the photoshoot more memorable.

Go Filmy - There are many places in the whole Delhi NCR that can help you with this one as people here love Bollywood. An example of the most minimal Bollywood style pre wedding is the old school Raj and Simian in a hayfield.

Go crazy with the "Post Editing" - Have you ever seen those beach photos of a couple dressed in their wedding clothes in which they both are levitating? That is exactly the shoot that we are talking about! It's funny how memorable those pictures are, as you see hundreds of pictures every day but you instantly remembered those beach photos when we asked.

Invite your friends to the shoot - We share everything with our friends so why not this special little pre wedding of your when then both the bride and grooms' friends are involved then automatically the shoot becomes fun and way more enjoyable for everyone.

Go for different themes - This is another thing that is loved by Millennials. One of the most commonly used themes in a pre wedding shoot is the vintage theme. And if you have selected a particular theme then everything in the photo shoot is done according to that theme. For example, if you have chosen the vintage theme, your dress, your hair and even the editing of the pictures in the post is done according to that theme.

And we are sure that we have got you on board for a pre wedding shoot in Gurgaon so the last step is to hire a Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon. And for this, the couples want nothing other than the Best Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon. And why shouldn't they? The Pre Wedding in an essential part of the wedding phase and the couple should do everything in their power to make it better. The first step in planning a pre wedding photoshoot in Gurgaon is choosing a location. You can easily find some terrific locations on the internet and if not you can ask your friends for some suggestions.

And the second and the biggest step is choosing a photographer and as we discussed earlier you should only go for the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon. There are a lot of unprofessional and phony photographers out there, and you have to make sure that you do not end up hiring them. They can spoil the pre wedding experience for you and your partner. But on the other hand, the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon will make your pre wedding photoshoot a hundred times better. Due to their experience with pre weddings, the shoot goes very smoothly without any hiccups. And it's not just that, the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon will also be familiar with all the photography trends that are going on and won't let you be left behind in this crazy world of social media. Of course, there goes a lot of research in finding the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon, but there is a better way. We know that a couple might be busy and, might not have time for the analysis to find the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon hence we suggest you rather than seeing a hundred portfolios, just check out one, ours.

Why SL Art Production will provide you with the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon?

We are a Delhi based team of photographers and hence have done hundreds of pre wedding shoots in Gurgaon. We are professional Photographers and Cinematographers who are known for our skills and experience. We don't just believe in meeting your expectations but also outdoing them. Due to our experience, we know when and in what way we can help the couple. We will be with you at every step, guiding you whether it is for poses or any other thing. We are known to be very understanding towards our clients as it is known that the photoshoot looks best when there is a connection between the couple and the photographer. So if you are looking for the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon then help us help you with this new exciting journey that you are going to start with your partner.