Indian Wedding Photography : Changing Trends, Pre Weddings and Everything Else !

If you have been following Indian Wedding Photography trends then you must have realized that a lot has changed in the perception of Indians about what kind of pictures they want. From traditional pictures where you pose still to more candid and storytelling pictures, you will see a major difference. But changes are inevitable when you love in such a diverse country full of people from different religious, and cultural backgrounds.

But social media ha a big hand in this change. Millennial couples don’t prefer the wedding photography trend of the past decade. They want to keep up with the trends and try out new styles that can make their wedding photos stand out. This doesn’t mean that the wedding rituals have changed, in fact, now Indian wedding photography is about showcasing those rituals, and the couples in the best way possible. 

This is why couples experiment with new fashion trends or dance trends so that they can get more memorable pictures from their wedding. So, whether one has a love marriage or an arranged marriage, the purpose of photography is to keep those memories alive so that one can cherish them for years to come.

Indian Wedding Photography -

 When it comes to Indian Wedding Photography, for decades, there has been a similarity, a pattern that’s been followed again and again by photographers. There are a number of occasions where you will see that the couple will stand on the stage while the guests will take turns standing next to them and get captured. 

Even though it’s a traditional photography method which includes everyone who comes at the wedding, many feel it’s more like an attendance sheet that tells who came to the wedding. But it lacks creativity and the need for creating good memories. 

Traditional Wedding Photography vs Modern Wedding Photography

We are not going to discuss which one is good or which one is bad. Rather we’re going to discuss which one is the need of the hour. 

Now, if we talk about traditional wedding photography then it has been widely excepted by generations. It was a way to fill the wedding album with beautiful memories and to get the most out of a wedding. Traditional Indian Wedding Photography is a remarkable way of capturing the couple and the guests at a wedding but time asks for change.

Since the day is about celebrating the couples and telling their story of love through pictures, wedding photography has transformed itself into a new form. Now, the photography at a wedding is more about capturing stories and moments rather than just poses. And if we talk about poses then it’s more about fashion now. 

Moreover, couples don’t just keep their wedding photographs in a frame or inside the album. They share those pictures across their social media platforms which is why they need good and more creative pictures.

Trends of Indian Wedding Photography -

Creative Wedding Photography -

We mentioned above that now couples are more into posting pictures on social media. They share photographs with their friends, and followers so they want pictures that are truly mesmerizing. This is why Indian wedding photography has taken a creative turn.

Creative pictures do well on social media as well as they make up for good memories. There are a lot of ways in which one can be creative with their wedding photography. But it’s more about hiring the right photographer. This is why couples want photographers who can be creative with their work. Here are some of the examples of candid wedding photography.

This one trend took the Indian wedding photography industry by storm a few years back. The best part is that it is still the most followed trends in Indian weddings. If you don’t now what candid photography is then let us tell you that candid photography is capturing the subject without disturbing it. 

While doing candid photography, the photographer is always on his/her toes to get the best pictures. There are a number of different moments that happen simultaneously at a wedding. If a photographer is able to capture all the candid moments then you can have an amazing album filled with the best of memories.

Destination Wedding Photography -

You saw it coming, didn’t you? Well, destination weddings are becoming more and more mainstream ass the couples are going to exotic locations to tie the knot. Call it an influence of social media or just a dream that one has but destination weddings are a lot of fun. Going to an exotic location with your bae and friends and family make for a perfect getaway. 

Indian wedding photography at an exotic destination not only gives you amazing pictures but it also gives you memories that you may not forget like ever. If we talk about popular wedding destinations in India then there are a number of them, for example, Jaipur, Udaipur, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Bangalore, Jodhpur, etc.

Apart from that, there are many locations abroad also, like couples tend to go to Europe, Thailand, Bali, Dubai, and the Maldives. 


Bridal Portraits -

Another trend that has surfaced prominently in Indian Wedding Photography is the Bridal Portraits. Now Indian wedding photography is not just about capturing the couple but it is also about the Bride and her lehenga. Since brides put so much effort into getting ready for “The Day”, it makes sense if they have a photoshoot solely of their own. 

Bridal portraits are about acknowledging and celebrating the brides. The best part is, one can get as creative as possible. If you see bridal portraits, you will realize that they are more of a fashion photo shoot that showcases the bride in the best lighting. If you need inspiration for bridal portraits then you can check some of these pictures out. 

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Pre Wedding Photography - 

As we said, wedding photography has changed a lot over the years. And with time, couples have realized the need for pre wedding photoshoots. Pre wedding shoots are basically couple photoshoots organized days, weeks or months before the actual wedding date. The photoshoot could have the theme or destination f your choice. 

They are amazing because they not only give you enough time to take great pictures but they also help you get comfortable in front of the camera. Pre wedding shoots are also the time to bond with the photographer so that he knows what you expect from your wedding photography.

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Best Wedding Photographer -

While talking about Indian Wedding Photography, one can never not talk about the photographer. In order to get the best wedding album that you can cherish forever, you have to hire the best wedding photographer. The wedding photographer that you are hiring shouldn’t just be skilled but also should thorough with the recent wedding photography trends and should have experience and creating beautiful memories for a number of couples.

If you are looking for a photographer to cover your wedding, make sure that you check out different portfolios of photographers as well as make sure that you compare the prices. It is not a very hard task to find the best photographer. All you have to do is shortlist the ones you like the most and then choose the one who suits your expectations the best. 

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