Kavita and Sumit ||  A Moody and Dramatic Pre Wedding

Being one of the best pre wedding photographers in Delhi we here at SL Art Production have done a lot of pre wedding shoots but not many like this one. We met Kavita and Sumit a few days before their pre wedding photoshoot and they were really particular in what they wanted from the shoot. Kavita and Sumit choose The Riviera, Gurgaon as the Location for the pre wedding shoot. You will definitely fall in love with a place if you appreciate nature. 

The couple didn't want a casual pre wedding shoot so they were already prepared for everything especially their outfits.


What the couple wanted was some really Moody and Dramatic pictures. The shoot was very romantic, and to match the couple's enthusiasm we also tried out best to incorporate leading lines and every artistic angle we could think of.


We loved the challenge that Kavita and Sumit gave to us, and we like to believe we succeeded in capturing the couples beautifully.

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Written By - sl art production on 29 Nov, 2019
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