Pre Wedding Photography - An Ideal Guide for Extravagant Pre Wedding

Meeting the person you have been waiting for your life is one of the most heartfelt moments in our life. If you find your perfect partner who would live with you, walk by your side, give you back, help you fulfill the rest of your dreams, and complete the other part of your soul, then it must be the luckiest moments in your life. When you are in love with a person - with whom you would live the rest of your life - you can't hold back. When you are in love with a person, you want the universe to know. Marriage is one such event where the two souls with different perspectives, likes, dislikes, dreams, desires, ambitions, and personalities come together in a union and vow to spend the rest of their life mutually. They commit to living life for one another and complete their better half that has remained scrambled until they find each other. Likewise, a wedding is a scrambled puzzle that remains unattended unless some lifesaver mastermind comes to solve it. The worries that have twined to different sides, the problems that have escalated, and the blend of happiness grief that has scattered across the spectrum of your colorful life, marriage helps you find the perfect locations for all these problems and predicaments that help you to streamline your beautiful life. 


So, if you are pondering about a millennial way to celebrate your ideal day, you must be yearning to include all the significant things to make your wedding ideal and extravagant. Most of the couples who are anticipating to have a wedding ceremony desire to have a pre wedding photography ceremony at some beautiful and exotic place of their mutual choice before the wedding event. Pre wedding photo shoot is a ceremony that is scheduled months before the wedding day to get documented with the partner at different places in different styles and themes. At this ceremony, the best pre wedding photographer is hired to capture the stunning moments at the pre wedding celebration. It provides the couple a personal time to explore themselves and the places at the same time. It also helps them to come closer, build mutual understanding, and get clicked in serene locations. Before you make any decision for your pre wedding photography, here is our full guide to prep yourself right. 


Pre-plan your pre wedding

It is important for the couple to strategically pre-plan the pre wedding three to four months prior to the wedding day. It allows you to keep everything running smooth and going. Schedule it in a way so that you can use the pictures in your wedding collaterals.

Pick a common photographer

For a pre wedding photo shoot, it is most desirable and advisable to hire the photographer who will cover your wedding day. It will not only help you nurture a rapport and build comfortability, but it will also give the camera person a seethrough window into your personality, which will help him capture your inner story, chemistry, emotions, and love. It will also help you to remain more open and comfortable in front of a camera on the day of your wedding, and by this, the photographer can produce some stunning pictures. 

Be yourself

Don't follow the crowd. You don't have to do what all you have heard about the pre wedding, it is not necessary that you follow the tradition of going to exotic and serene places, overboard with props, several outfits, you can just have your pre wedding photography in candid frames in your living room. Donning a simple and decent T-shirt and jeans and having fun with your partner can also be a good idea for a pre wedding photo shoot. You should be you in these pre wedding pictures, thinking they are the pictures that will help you recollect the best memories and moments of the real you in your later years. 


Pick a theme

You can't have varied moods or styles into a singular photo shoot. A shoot can not be candid and stunning and artistic and bohemian, all at the same time. Filter down on one theme for the pre wedding photography that reflects with you as a couple, and hold to it. It is not necessary that you have all the themes in your pre wedding photography photo shoot, you can just explore one that fits your personality. 



Location is the best part of your pre wedding photography, choose a place that reflects you as a couple, that is significant in your life and that will help you recollect leap of memories. Choose your favorite place, or something common in you, maybe you both love antique palaces or beaches? If you feel like traveling abroad to have a pre wedding photography try to merge it with your destination wedding, and contact the local wedding photographer to cover your both the events, it will help you in making amazing memories on your pre wedding as well as on your wedding day, while helping you to stick with your budget. 



Timing is everything, you need to plan your photo shoot considering the weather conditions, natural light, and other important factors for your photo session. You need to be extra careful when you are planning to have the photo shoot outdoors. 



You can also hire the pre wedding cinematographer to get your pre wedding filmed at some beautiful and exotic places. While you dance with your beloved partner or have a thematic titanic pose while cruising, you can hire the best videographer to have a pre wedding cinematography before your great day arrives.


Do good research 

If you are looking for a fresh pre wedding photographer, you must ensure that you partake in extensive research about the pre wedding photographer. There might be various people who might help you find the best one, scrounge for word of mouth recommendations to curate a list of pre wedding photographers of your choice or who fit your wedding theme and requirements but. While researching about a pre wedding photographer, look at their work, portfolio, reviews, have a conversation, fix a meeting, and trust your decision. You can also look at their social media profiles to study the style of the pre wedding photographer, see if the style and approach fit your wedding theme. Hiring the pre wedding photographer in one of the most important responsibilities for your much-awaited day. Here we have a list of ideas and tips that will help you find the best and the professional photographer for your pre wedding photography. 



There are several things to determine the ability of a photographer who can do you pre wedding photography or wedding photography, but the experience is the first element that gives you insights about the skills of the photographer. While researching about the pre wedding photographer, you must choose the photographer who has years of experience in covering the events and weddings across the cultures and regions. An experienced pre wedding photographer will be aware of the happenings and customary rituals that are involved in the wedding ceremony.



No two photographers have the same style. Every photographer has a unique approach to capture the subject. The photographer uses his expertise, skills, experience, tactics, and trendy fashions to capture an individual or the subject. If you are thinking to hire a photographer for your pre wedding photography, then you must study the style of the photographer before hoping to conclusions. There are numerous styles like Candid, Classical, Dramatic, Romantic, Vintage, Artistic, Documentary, etc.  


Choose a photographer for your pre wedding photography who is capable to render several services apart from the pre wedding photography, he should be able to render the services like wedding photography, traditional wedding photography, luxury, destination, and premium wedding photography, black and white photography, and so on. Having a knowledge of all these services the wider horizon of experience of the photographer will help get one of the finest pictures on your photo shoot. 


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