Sana and Shivam || A Warm and Vibrant Delhi Wedding

We here are SL Art Production loves Delhi weddings they are so extra with everything and the couple that we shot, Sana and Shivam, was extra sweet. Sana and Shivam really went overboard with the decor of the banquet. And all we can say is that the couple really loves flowers.

So as the wedding started, we first captured Shivam's entry first and we thought "How Amazing' and obviously we spoke too soon as then entered the Sana.

The thing that gained the most attention at the wedding was Sana's Lehenga as the designer did an amazing job with it.
because of the decor and the lighting, wedding photos that we took turned out to be really warm and vibrant.
After the beautiful ceremony, we got a chance to shoot the couple in their other outfits for the evening.
We also took some very authentic looking candid shots of the couple, and the pictures were really mesmerizing.
we here at SL Art Production do a lot of these shoots and keep them on your website so if you are someone who is interested you can check them out at SL Art Production.


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Written By - sl art production on 28 Nov, 2019
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