Top 6 Ideal Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas That You Must Try!

The trend for pre weddings has elevated with the new styles storming the wedding industry. With couples preferring to have a pre wedding shoot in different themes, styles at several locations on different days. However, the pre wedding is scheduled weeks before the wedding ceremony to get captured at the desired location. The pre wedding is mostly about your passions, dreams and the couple's interests that they showcase at the photo session. There are several reasons why couples plan a pre wedding photoshoot and there are enormous ideas that a couple can consider for their anticipated photo session with the best pre wedding photographers in DelhiIf you are considering or expecting to have a photoshoot with your beloved, then here we have listed some of the most amazing and ideal ideas for your pre wedding shoot. 


Old is always preferred. No matter how modern we are or no matter how contemporary the styles unravel in the wedding industry, we are quite often attracted to antiquity and bygone. while getting clicked you can also use some objects from time immemorial like vintage cars, hourglass, compass, and so on. 


There are a number of couples who want to have a royal pre wedding shoot or photography against the backdrop of the monumental palaces, antique structures, and serene architectures with picturesque views around it. India is famous for its ancient monumental structures where you can have your gorgeous pre wedding photoshoot.

Boat Cruise

This one of the most romantic ride that the couples prefer to have on a pre wedding photo session. This romantic voyage boosts the aura and the spirit of your photoshoot and helps you create the best memories with each other on this occasion.

Over the top

This is one of the most creative ideas while having a pre wedding shoot, it allows you to enjoy the way you want while capturing you 360 degree shot from the above. This gives the proper view of the environment around you and your 360 degrees look, this is mostly shot by a drone unless the photographer is very creative to click it by his camera and offbeat photography skills.


Those couples who love nature and are wanderlust, adventurous and want to explore more and more together, for them, they can have an amazing photoshoot amid the lush green trees, serene forest, and romantic secluded places. 

Date Shot

Is that your first date with her? Having a date with your bride to be is one of the great ideas to have photography during your pre wedding photo session. You can just sit back and relax, order a bottle of wine or champagne, and get yourself clicked, isn't this an amazing idea? I bet you loved this one!

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Written By - sl art production on 17 Dec, 2019
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