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All of us millennials want something special when it comes to the wedding shoot and especially about the pre wedding. And this is because pre wedding shoot is something over which the couple has complete control and hence they try and make the best out of it.And when it comes to making pre weddings exceptional, destination pre wedding is the way to go.

pre wedding manali


Most of the couples only dream of having their pre wedding shoot at a pretty and exotic location. But we recently met a couple who had thought things through and had planned a perfect pre wedding shoot. All they needed was a pre wedding photographer and that's why they came to us.

pre wedding shoot in manali


The Vanya & Dhananjay choose Manali for their pre wedding shoot as both of them are "Mountains over Sea" people. And they couldn't have been more accurate for the perfect pre wedding destination.

a dreamy manali pre wedding


And as the couple had planned such a great pre wedding, we also gave out best to make the shoot look dreamy and surreal. 

pre wedding photographer in delhi


We were so determined to make the shoot worth a while that we made it look like a song sequence from a Karan Johar movie.


pre wedding photographer in india


Manali has all the correct elements for a jaw-dropping pre wedding shoot. And the main element out of all is the big blue sky.

pre wedding shoot in manali


We thought how could we make this pre wedding even better and the answer was right in front of us. We need to make the pre wedding more colourful and trendy and what can be better than smoke bombs for that?

pre wedding photographer in delhi


When the sun went down, we thought it was the best time for a romantic shoot alongside a bonfire. 

pre wedding in delhi



If you liked this pre wedding, you can also go and check out the Full Event. And if you are a young couple who is looking for pre wedding ideas and inspirations or have any queries regarding wedding photography then you can go to our site SL Art Production.

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